In 2021, two young entrepreneurs, Reinier and Sebastiaan (hence SEB) fulfilled their dream and bid office life farewell. With their motto 'There is more to life than work', they set out on an adventure. After starting a number of successful companies, their hearts set on starting their own brand. With a great love for water sports, the step to SEB and their own SUP Boards was quickly made. SEB has since expanded to include bags, clothing and accessories.

SEB is down-to-earth. SEB wants to impart this nostalgic feeling of holidays, water, wind and primeval Dutch nature. Time stands still for a moment.

SEB wants to make the adventure and relaxation of water sports accessible to all. Especially its convenience. After all, surfing can be done by (almost) anyone. And it offers what a hard-working person is looking for; peace, relaxation and a bit of adventure. A balance in a hectic family life. The SUP is an energy booster for the whole family.

SEB's water sports products aim to provide an easy way to quickly experience relaxation, peace and freedom on the water in a busy life with family & work.

SEB brings functional sporting goods that do what they are supposed to do.

In doing so, SEB aims to be sustainable. But this goes step by step. First sustainably produced clothing, then reusing old sails & SUP boards for the bags and then a sustainable SUP board.

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